Service | Fee

Member Joining Fee$0

Dormant/Inactive Account Fee1$5.00 per month

Member's Choice Checking (Includes free checks and additional benefits) $5.00 monthly for members 49 and younger or $2.50 monthly for members 50 and up

Business Deposit Check Fee$0.20 per item over 100 per month

Excessive Withdrawal Fee$1.00 each after 6 in a month

Account Re-open Fee$25.00

Returned Item Fee - Share Draft$30.00

Returned Item Fee - ACH$30.00

Returned Item Fee - Bill Pay Service$30.00

Overdraft Privilege Fee $30.00

Stop Payment Fee for Share Draft, ACH or Money Order $15.00

Skip a Payment Fee (when applicable) $25.00

ACH Affidavit Fee $15.00

Check Cashing Fee (when applicable)$3.00

Returned Mail/Bad Address Fee$2.00 per month

Research Fee $25.00

Share Draft Copy Fee $2.00 each

Statement Copy Fee $1.00 per page

Copy Fee $0.25 each

Money Order Fee$2.00 each

Cashier's Check Fee $2.00 each

Joint Traveler's Check Fee$1.00 per $100.00 purchased

Debit Card Replacement | $10.00 

In-House Counter Check Fee $1.00 for four (4) checks

Wire Transfer Fee $10.00 Outgoing

International Wire Transfer Fee $35.00

Over-The-Counter Share Draft Withdrawal Fee $1.00 each after 2 free per day

Returned Deposit Item Fee $5.00 per item

Oil Lease and Mineral Rights Process $25.00

CarFax Report Fee$25.00

Visa Gift Card $2.95

Reloadable Gift Card $4.95

Account Service Fee2 (Effective 08/31/16) $3.00 per month (Waived with eDocuments enabled)

1. Account Service Fee is considered dormant/inactive if no activity has occurred within 12 months. 

2. The Account Service Fee is waived for accounts with eDocuments enabled. If an account holder is age 18 and younger or 50 and older the fee is also waived. If an account holder is currently in college and age 24 or less, the fee may be waived by notifying FSCU.