Special Promotion Sept 1st - Oct 31, 2022

A low-rate VISA® Credit Card is even better when it comes from your BFF - Best Financial Friend!
Our Visa® Credit Card features a low, competitive rate that’s perfect for consolidating debt. Now through October 31, 2022, open a new Family Savings VISA credit card with a balance transfer of at least $1,000 and be automatically entered to win Free Gas for a Month and have no balance transfer fee.  Just transfer other, higher-rate credit card balances to your new card - you’ll pay less interest and pay down your debt sooner. Regardless of what you use it for, you’ll pay no annual fee and earn rewards, too.
You'll be entered to win a $500 gas card when you
transfer at least $1,000 with no transfer fee 
to your new Family Savings Visa® 
 VISA® Cardholders enjoy these benefits:
  • No Annual Fee
  • 1% Cash Back on purchases
  • Purchase Protection 
  • and More!


Balance Transfers

Now is the time to transfer balances from those high-interest credit cards and save money!
To transfer a balance from another financial institution's credit card to an existing or new FSCU VISA account, call 888-311-3728. Be sure to have your other financial institution's information and account number handy. There is a 1% Balance Transfer Fee (for a limited time, these fees are waived on accounts opened between Sept 1 and Oct 31, 2022 with a transfer of $1,000 or more). 
See Terms and Conditions for details and fees associated with balance transfers to existing FSCU VISA Credit Cards.

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