Using a Family Savings VISA ® ATM/Debit card allows you the freedom to make purchases or withdraw from the funds in your checking account  without using a paper check .

The convenience they offer you include: Instant Card Issue at any branch location, an accurate record of purchases, access funds via any ATM, as well as a number of nationwide surcharge-free ATMs through Credit Union 24 network , safer than carrying cash and accepted more readily than checks. 

If Your Card is Lost or Stolen

PLEASE CALL 888-311-3728 OR 256-543-9530 DURING MAIN BRANCH HOURS. AFTER HOURS, CALL 1-844-484-0049.

Block your Debit Card using NetTeller Online Banking.


Instant Issue Personalized Card Designs

With an instant issue card, members can choose a card design and have it printed while at the branch. You will walk away with a new activated ATM/Debit card.

A variety of instant issue designs are available. Choose one of our free designs, or if you like, you may choose to jazz up your card with a cool design from our $5 design collection.

To showcase your personal style, you may choose to submit a photo and have our graphics department design a Personalized Debit Card for a small fee of $10 each. There may be a 24-hour turnaround on the personalized design. See Guidelines

Design Your Card Now!

chip card photo EMV Chip Cards

Family Savings began issuing EMV chip cards in May 2017. The "chip-enabled" cards are being issued as your current debit card expires. 

These new cards will provide added security against card fraud for our members. Each time you use your card at a chip-enabled terminal or ATM, a one-time code is created to validate the transaction. It's nearly impossible to duplicate this code. Because chip-enabled cards are widely accepted around the world, the Family Savings VISA® cards will also be more secure and easier to use when you travel .

ATM's that feature the chip-enabled card acceptance are available now at Family Savings branch locations. These ATM's work slightly different when using a chip-enabled card. You will need to insert your card and leave it in the machine as instructed until you are prompted to remove it. This is unlike in the past, when you swiped the magnetic strip and continued with the transaction. If you have any questions or concerns on usage or issuance of EMV chip-enabled cards, please contact our Debit Card Department at 256-543-9530 or 888-311-3728.


If you are using a screen reader and are having problems using this website, please call 888-311-3728 for assistance.