Money Island

If you have a middle or high school student in the Etowah County or Gadsden City School System, you may have heard of the Family Savings’ MoneyIsland online game.

Since 2012, Debbie Landers, a retired teacher of 35 years in Etowah County, has successfully partnered with every middle and high school in the Etowah County area. When the state of Alabama began emphasizing new state standards in the 9th grade career preparedness units, it included financial literacy. MoneyIsland has since been a great resource for our partnering teachers of 7th-11th grades. Once the students successfully complete the course, they become “Financial Gurus” and are rewarded with a certificate and $5 coupon. The coupon can be redeemed at any Family Savings Credit Union branch for cash or used to open a youth savings account. 

Family Savings also rewards the teacher with money for their classrooms. For each class that successfully completes the program, FSCU awards the teacher with a $50 Visa Card (up to $200 per teacher). The reward is to be used to purchase supplies for their classrooms. Since 2012, over 8,500 students in the Etowah County area have successfully participated in the program, and over $10,000 has been awarded for classroom supplies through their partnership. 

In addition to MoneyIsland in Etowah County, Alabama, we offer other valuable personal finance lessons in our Georgia Communities. This includes hosting workshops, assemblies, PTA programs, etc. in elementary, high school and college classrooms.

Explore MoneyIsland

So, what exactly is MoneyIsland, you may ask? 

MoneyIsland is a virtual online-world where children learn valuable financial knowledge through activities and adventure! Kids learn more when they’re having fun and students become like a sponge, soaking up important lessons through blogs, quests, and earning real-life rewards! Parents and teachers also benefit from the peace of mind gained, knowing children are building a strong foundation to become financially independent adults.

  • Free multi-level online game
  • Prepares students with content knowledge and skills to be college and career-ready
  • Engages students through hands-on computer and teacher-led programs that define financial literacy
  • Acquaints teachers with the plans of instruction and strategies that supplement their resources
  • Introduces FREE resources available to support effective instruction
  • Implements web-based instruction – teacher led and blended enhanced online instruction
  • Includes additional games, videos and other cool stuff for kids along with resources for adults on the program website
  • Updates the content on a regular basis so that there’s always something new to learn and experience
  • Shares passport for middle school students to stamp their progress through the online world with colorful stickers
  • Utilizes the workbook manifest for our Advanced Levels in high school 
  • Deve loped by award-winning teacher and game designers

As you can see, our partnerships keep paying off, while we continue to provide our community partners with a program that teaches financial responsibility and wise decision making including: 

  1. Pla nning & Money Management
  2. Saving & Investing
  3. Income & Careers
  4. Credit & Debt Management
  5. Man agement & Insurance

MoneyIsland Highlights !

Congratulations Debbie Landers for earning the Excellence in Education Award 2018

Debbie Landers wins Excellence in Education award

Teacher Orientation

money island powerpoint in class teacher in class

Classroom Lessons

student using computer

students in class

Saving " Stone Broke"

photo of student using money island students using computers

Earning Real Life Rewards

Special Projects: MoneyIsland Story Boards

money island story board money island posters money island posters

Advanced Level MoneyIsland in Area High Schools

Earning Guru Certificates

JumpStart Financial Literacy Conferences

teachers at JumpStart Financial Literacy program debbie landers martin photo

Financial Fitness Challenge Winners - Sardis HS 2016-2017 team

Winners of Financial Fitness Tournament 2016

Thank you Etowah County, Alabama for Partnering With Us!

Randi Woodward photo West End High School teacher

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